Thanks to its more than twenty famous elite beaches, Albufeira has evolved from a fishing village, and then a small town with a food industry, to today’s world-famous large center.
The coast of Albufeira is decorated with numerous beaches: they are all different, but each has its own charm. Whether it’s small bays surrounded by cliffs of ocher tones, or extensive dunes with fine golden sand washed by quiet and warm waters – all this you can find in Albufeira, which explains the attraction of this Algarve district, which became Europe’s leading vacation route.

The coastal strip adjoins the city, including 3 beautiful long beaches: Peneku, Pescadoresh and Inatel. All of them are long sandy bands, framed by so characteristic for this area golden rocks. Penecu Beach, also known as Praia do Túnel (Tunnel Beach), is located opposite the old city center, you can go there through a tunnel passing through the rocks: at the end of it you will see a wide terrace, which goes to the beach, where you will find the open-air cafes. Along the pleasant pedestrian precinct, On the pleasant footpath, which runs at the foot of the rocks, from here you can walk to the nearby harbor for the leisure boats. The continuation of the beach of Peneku is Praia dosh Peshkadoresh (The fisherman’s Beach). Its name corresponds to reality: here you will see dozens of painted in bright colors fishing boats, made to remind guests the past of this region. On one of these boats you can go for a walk along the shore, during which you can see grottos and caves. The beach of Inatel is located between the Inatel complex and the pouring into the sea cliffs.

For those who want to have a rest from the center of Albufeira and to meet the other varied beaches of this region, as an excellent example can serve San Rafael, where you will experience the magical effect of combining water and rocks, blown by the wind and undermined by the sea. The rocks with the sculptural outlines, crevices, natural water bodies and single blocks rising from the water make up a characteristic landscape for this shore. It is a good place where you can spend a day under the sun. Praia do Evarishtu is a rocky beach where you can observe a very interesting and rich life of the sea: for those, who likes the diving and snorkeling enjoy here an abundance of barnacles, mussels, saucers, and flocks of fish. There are beaches for every taste along this coast, many of them are honored with a blue flag: this means that for you here are all modern amenities and a wide range of water kinds of sport. On the more secluded beaches, you can simply lie in the sun and enjoy the wonderful nature.