The old town

The Old town is the main curiosity of Albufeira. It is a place of the ancient settlement, which has appeared in the Roman era. It appeared in the place of a fishing village, like many seaside towns.

A great influence was exerted on the city by the Moors who conquered the coast and replaced the Romans. It is the Moors who call the city AL-BUHERA, build the port and defensive installations in the form of a fortress. As a result, the city begins to develop as a seaport. The white houses in the Moorish style and the narrow, crooked streets are the heritage of the city of Albufeira, which it still keeps, despite the earthquakes and the wars on the coast. It is the Moorish culture that is a huge historical layer not only of Albufeira, but of all Portugal.

Today, on the square Largo Eng Duarte Pacheco, the atmosphere of a typical southern town prevails: it is fried seafood in the cafe and it is playing a live music.

The visiting card or symbol of the old Albufeira became a clock tower, topped with a forged, openwork grating. There is an observation desk at the top of the tower, with a beautiful view of the city.

The city has a museum of archeology, a museum of church art, municipal and private art galleries. In the vicinity of Albufeira (in Padern), it is worth seeing the ruins of a Moorish castle standing on a hill.